Thursday, November 20, 2008

You're a man...So Listen and Keep Your Mouth Shut!

So the other day I decide to attend a party that my good friend's boyfriend was throwing. I'll refer to her as Ms. Procras. She has her own blog about her inability to be on time anywhere, which you can read later if you're feeling the need to make yourself feel better about the importance of punctality.


This party was a "Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration" type thing slash Fall Party slash a big excuse for all the straight boys to coordinate their outifts with hues of brown, yellow, and burnt orange...gag me! So, with that being said I wore a brown button up shirt stripped with light blue and a scarf that matched the whole ensemble. We of course, were late to the party due to the fact that Ms. Procras procrastinated painting her nails and packing for her trip out of town the next day. She decided to skip putting on a base coat for the sake of time...Thank goodness we rescued an additional five minutes becuase that would have been the deal breaker for the evening!

So we arrive at the party and I, of course, begin judging everyone in the room. Being that I'm the only gay male I was looked upon with strange looks from the men and eager ones from the girls. (Every girl loves a gay!) So my friend and I make our rounds and say hi to people we know, including her cutie boyfriend whom I'll call Arnold Schwarzenshortie. We sit down and proceed to discuss everyone's outfit and how most of the girls look like whores and most of the men like frat boys....all told Tranny Central!

We come to one person in particular, where we proceed to discuss the back story between her and Ms. Procras. There really isn't much to tell other than the girl's a bitch which I deemed true upon my first verbal encounter with her. Keep in mind she's a red head wearing a big scarf and a mismatched vest and ugly flats...GOOD. BYE. So Ms. Procras tells Arnold about how our dislike of this Tranny who is ruining our party experience but NOT to say anything to her or anyone about it.

As a man in a relationship with a should understand that when the girlfriend states opinions and concerns, in confidence, its not meant to be told to other people. It just creates more drama and makes the girl look like a bitch, when, in fact, she was just stating an opinion.

Well that is exactly what happened Mr. Schwartzenshortie told the roommate who told the girl who then came up to Ms. Procras and well the story is history from there...

Long story short...shut your mouth men. We girls aren't telling you things because we want you to do something about it...believe me we'll tell you if we want you to spring in to action! Otherwise sit there and give the occasional nod; its what you put on this earth to do, that and good sex so make sure you keep that up too ;)


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