Sunday, December 14, 2008

Floating on Cloud 9? What does that even mean?!

So folks, I can't really sleep despite the amazing long weekend I had but here I am. Decided to post late night to recap on the weekend and share a few things...

My weekend officially started on Thursday as I had the Friday off. Straight Lady and I planned on a girl's night in which I was more than looking forward to! She was in charge of purchasing the goods for the evening. The list was as follows:
1. Fresh Farm brand mozzarella sticks.
2. Acquire a movie
3. Merlot or Shiraz big boy bottle of wine
4. Order a pizza upon arrival

Great list...right? None of it came true except the wine. They didn't have the mozz sticks, she brought her own movies, and her account was hacked and lots of money was removed which meant no ordering pizza. Girl's night was not turning out the way I had anticipated. HOWEVER, to her credit, she did purchase (with a check) delicious frozen pizza, wine, and chips and dip that wasn't of the salsa/tortilla chip persuasion! Nice recovery Straight Lady! The night was great...we got pretty hammered and discussed a lot of things and caught up on being the best friends that we'll always be.

Friday was much anticipated because it was the 2nd weekend of the show I'm in and I was going out with half the cast to JR's to hang out! The performance went well and I went downtown with everyone and had an amazing time. The atmosphere was awesome...HOWEVER the Ex was there as was the gentleman I may or may not have went home with a month ago and never officially got a number much less a name...ooops. Made for an interesting time with him standing right next to our group. That wasn't as bad as the Ex. That boy planted his ass at the top of the stairs. 1. He always hangs out downstairs and 2. I was already upstairs. Why in god's green earth would you put yourself there knowing I would be travelling back and forth via the stairs to A. Get more drinks and B. Use the bathroom. Shalom and a hief? Why? Like Straight Lady always tells me, its only an awkward situation if you make it awkward. So I didn't...I did my thing and hung out with a great group of people from the cast and had a blast.

Moving on to Saturday...This, my friends, is the most anticipated day of the week was DATE NIGHT with Rescue Me Joe finally! The day couldn't pass quickly enough but at last it did. He met me for an appetizer at Coastal Flats and then I whisked him to the theatre for our champagne reception and to see my performance. I know it may have been a little overwhelming for a first date but, I guess one has to be thrown in the pool if they're going to figure out how to swim and let me tell you, friends, he could have been Michael Phelps for how great he was with everyone. HOWEVER, on the way back to his car (I drove to the theatre) I was pulled over by no less than a homosexual cop. Why? Because my tags were expired. How awesome was that to add to the first date experience. I was mortified but Rescue Joe was amazing and didn't care and made me feel better. Thank goodness I didn't get a ticket...probably because the cop was queer...ugh...BYE! Afterwards we went back to his place and canoodled on the couch and watched Ratatouille and then I went home. Well, not home, but to my friend's place and had a drink/talked. Then I introduced her to the Hawaii Chair...if you don't know what I'm talking about You Tube it immediately!!!!

Sunday rolls around, we had an amazing performance with a packed house and now I'm of wine in reaching distance and blogging about my life. I find it fascinating that I always seem to have an abundance of stories to discuss and feel that no one else can say they were pulled over on their first date. At least no one threw up...(that's another story all together and maybe one day I'll divulge!) I'm not really sure there is a moral of the story or silver lining to anything I've written this evening other than life is really hard right now...for me and a lot of people. But one can always expect the unexpected to pop in your life at the exact moment you need it most. You may think it should come long before it actually does, but when it happens it gives you the boost you need to keep pushing forward and hope for the best in the end. Its all any of us can do to survive...hope for the best and work with what you have!



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