Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Spanks Living Part dos...

Alrighty...let's get back to the story.

I believe I left off after my fated but amazing experience at the Rainbow Cactus with my friend J-Crew.

Well after I got home I ended up on the computer for a drunken 30 minutes before passing out in my clothes. I did something incredibly stupid and sent a Facebook message to my ex telling him that I still missed him and hope that he's doing well. BAD idea! And through facebook? Really? I'm not really sure one can be more I guess there's nothing left to do but call myself a big Tranny Trainwreck for having the audacity to be such a loser...LAME. GOOD BYE!...damn facebook though for allowing the sending of messages without being friends with someone first! I got rid of his email address and phone number to avoid such occurences. Although, to my credit it has been a few months since my last relapse so I'm totally fine?...right?

Anyway, Thanksgiving rolls around and I was so hungover that I didn't really get to enjoy the wonderful meal my mother prepared. Although the whole experience was rather dreary because my grandmother just passed away and my mother decides to break out in random outbursts of tears at the mention of "Please pass the stuffing." My goodness. I took my siblings to Twilight where I wished that one of the vampires, who apparently glitter like fairy drag queens in the sunlight instead bursting into flames and dying, would jump off the screen and suck the life out of me so I wouldn't suffer through the boring ass movie any longer. In other words, Twiglight = it, and go buy yourself a cocktail instead; your money will be better spent.

The rest of the weekend went buy without a hitch. I had to come in to work on Saturday (Shakespeare Theatre Company) and had rehearsal and set construction all day on Sunday for A Christmas Carol which I'm acting in. I used power tools including a power drill and a bandsaw. Impressive. Although I reverted right back to the queer that I am when a 12 year old british boy also acting in the show came up to me and asked if we had any more three and three quarter inch ply left...Excuse me? I ask. And then walk away to save the little dignity I had left in that moment.

There hasn't really been anything to discuss for this week either being that I've been at work and then rehearsal all week. So I guess the moral of this story is don't get drunk at places named after a desert plant and facebook message anyone inappropriate! It only causes a big awkward mess...done!

I'm sure I'll have a better story when the next holiday rolls around...something always good comes from drinking jim bean with the old man until he can't speak straight and goes to bed and then I have two more and make more bad decisions! Yay!

Peace Out...


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