Monday, December 1, 2008

Rainbow Plant...Or was it Cactus?

Happy Monday,

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice long Thanksgiving Break or at the very least a nice long weekend. And if you didn't have either one, well, sucks for you!

I had a very interesting rollercoaster of fun over the break and it all begins with a little place I like to call Tran Central Station...or, as the locals say, The Rainbow Cactus...

My good friend J-Crew and I were both home in Virginia Beach visiting family for the holiday and decided to get together for drinks Wednesday evening. I, not knowing where else to go on a Wed night in Va Beach suggested the only gay bar I knew...The Rainbow Cactus. Let me preface this by the fact that I haven't been there in over 2 least not since my spoiled existance in DC with places such as JR's and Town!

As I drive up I'm reminded about how ridiculous my experience is about to be when I remember that the bar is located in 1. A shopping center and 2. Next to a daycare. Awesome!

J-Crew and I both park, get out and walk in at 9:30pm. Good thing there's a pre-Thanksgiving party going on and the cover was waived...I'm so glad I saved that 3 dollars! I survey my surroundings, one, two, four...yep there are 6 people in the entire establishment and we make eight. What the hell, we'll grab some drinks and catch up...its whatever. There's a small group at one table accompanied by a SF (secretly fat) young man in multicolored Indian feathers and war paint. I'm so glad that he decided to dress up in festive, authentic Indian garb to celebrate the slaughter of Native Americans...good BYE! J-Crew and I go to the bar and I throw my card down to open a tab...we get our drinks and the bartender goes..."Just make sure you come back to me for your drinks all night." I take a minute to look around...again, there isn't anyone else in the bar and he is the only one serving...where the hell else am I supposed to go? Across the street to Plaza Azteca? I'm pretty sure they would at least have 9 mexicans and their 10,000 babies to make a better crowd!

Let's flash forward to 2 hours later. The bar has exploded with a multitude of people both gay and lesbian alike. Of course the women look like men and, truth be told, some of the men look like women. The comments were never ending and after 4 drinks each our opinions and judgements were as scathing as ever. Its funny to watch the crowd and observe the local behavior and what folks think is appropriate clothing to wear out. All in all there was so much ugly happening that I could barely contain myself.

Then the drag show begins...totally boring. These bitches have got nothing on the ho's at Town. I also find it greatly amusing that the bartender, left the bar to participate in giving each Tranny a dollar. I'm glad that the staff feels the need to support their own drag queens that they themselvers hire to put on a show. So I eventually get up to check my tab thinking we've hit at least 40 bucks with the 4 drinks each J-Crew and I had. So the bartender checks his pad and comes back to inform me that I was at 26$. I almost asked him to round it up to $30 so that I wouldn't feel as white trash as I did in that moment....8 drinks = $26...ridic.

Anyway, we, of course order another round or 2 and get sloshed...then we go on the dance floor where there is an abundance of bad dancing and fat people but we didn't was past the time to judge and more appropriate to let our hair down and groove with the local homosexual population.

We ended up having a blast between making fun of the patrons and dancing the night away. I highly reccomend attending the local gay bar when you're next visiting relatives. It'll make you appreciate DC and what you have right here all the more!

Thanksgiving Weekend part deux coming soon...

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Anonymous said...

So I just stumbled onto your post here and I thought I would leave a comment, but not sure if youll read it seeing as you have SO many other comments here ;)

I am glad you had a good time towards the end of the night, thats a positive but I want to point out a few things because I like to nit pick.

1 - Doesnt it always make you feel good to point out someone that dresses differently than you? I mean really, nothing makes me feel better about myself than pointing out the differences between my clothing and someone elses.. that sounds like GREAT fun :)

2 - How is someone SF? Really? LOL I think if they are overweight its pretty much public knowledge.. how does that SF thing work? They are fat and can hide it well? WOW if thats the case YOU GO BITCH..

3 - I have seen the drag in your neck of the woods and let me tell you, there is nothing to brag about. Everyplace has their shining stars and even more dim ones.. it might be your opinion because its your blog, but that doesnt mean that its right ;)