Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something in a Robin's Egg Blue Box Please

Ok, so I got immediate feedback that my last post was kind of melancholy and so I guess I have to fire back with something a little more my style of posting.

With that being said, my previous posts talked about the 2 things I want most for Christmas this of which I kind of have...THIS post however will be dedicated to all the things I want. Just because I only asked for 2 things doesn't mean I don't want like a dozen things...feel free to shower my broke ass accordingly. You might just get a really awesome pair of pine cone earings and an acorn necklace to match ;)

Ray's Tranny Christmas List:

1. Dolce Sunglasses

2. Shirts (I wear a small)

3. Nice, expensive jeans (Lucky, Guess) (Waist = jealous, its ok)

4. New comforter (Queen size)

5. Season 4: Grey's Anatomy DVD's

6. Jack Spade Bag

7. Coach Messenger Bag

8. My credit card paid off (that would warrent the pine cone earings, acorn necklace, and a sexual favor performed by myself or someone else of choice!)

9. $1000 cash or check only...I can't process credit at this time

10. Laptop

11. New cell phone

12. Year long gym membership

That's completely not a lot to ask for, right? Completely doable by all! I'll be sure to register at Williams and Sonoma too so I can begin acquiring the things I'll need to be a proper stay at home husband :) It'll be under the name Anastasia Beaverhausen!

Thanks everyone and have an AWESOME Holiday!!


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