Sunday, April 26, 2009

All's well that ends crazy trannyville!

Guten Evening this fine Sunday!

I'm relaxing with a crappy movie and a corona at Starfish's house and thought..."What a great time to catch up on my blogging!" Its been a great day of sleeping in, food, and laying out in the sun :)

Things have been insane at work planning for this event that happened last Tuesday. Welcome to Washington. It should have been called Welcome to the All-Consuming Project Resulting in Coming in on the Weekends and Working Late Evening for Two Weeks Straight. Complaining? Not. At. All! It was probably the coolest night of my life and one of my finer achievements in the professional world. Along with my co-workers we ended up pulling of an amazing evening complete with performing arts organizations, congress and the White House, and Mrs. Obama herself!! It was awesome! Although no one was allowed to talk to her except Michael which was totally lame and the hoops we had to jump through with her Secret Service security detail was a nightmare but all of it was complete worth it to have her there and me sit two rows behind her! Miss Procras was my arm candy for the night and I introduced her to a lot of different people as well as the open bar post-show! Despite Michelle gracing us with her presence I'd have to say the highlight of the evening had to be my very own sugar daddy. Let me explain.

So Michael has an older friend who is an interior designer...he also likes young attracctive boys. And not to be conceited (except for the fact that I am) I fall in to that category. Well as the reception was crowded I didn't notice the multitude of people bumping in to me so when Michael's friend casual brushes up against my leg...I don't feel a thing. It wasn't until he asked me what kind of underwear I was wearing that I realized it was him brushing up against me. Oh. My. God. Bye! I politely answered that they were boxer briefs and then quickly headed to the bar for a refill of bourbon.

Relationship Update:

So this past friday was Straight Lady's birthday. We went to Front Page...did the straight thing. For the most part it was a good night. Aside from a few hang ups it was a fun evening complete with the fact that Straight Lady couldn't walk 2 blocks past DuPont circle before needing me to get the car and come to her. It was fantastic! But, Buddy...the guy I've been dating for the past month was supposed to meet us out. Well he didn't...didn't call...didn't communicate anything other than he was taking a quick nap before meeting us out. So its a little frustrating when all of my friends are like "Where's Buddy?" and I have to say..."I have no idea." Now I'd let it go but its not the first time this has happened. So I express my annoyance the next day but, being the bigger person I let it go and asked him if he'd like to hang out the next day and to let me know....

Um so fast forward 5 days later and I get an email. It said the following:

Subject: So

Do you want your Rent DVD back?

Excuse me? That is all you have to say after not speaking to me for five days. Done. Good bye. Get out of here! I was so annoyed because even though I had already let go of the fact that a viable relationship was going to come from Buddy...we still hadn't had that conversation. I mean he was a nice guy and I enjoyed my time with him but I need someone a little more speedy. Relaxing is great and it was nice to have the down time but sleeping through plans you make with me twice is not ok. Set an alarm...its what they're made for!

That's ok...I got some action this past Friday. Whom? I can not disclose to the masses due to the sensitivity of the information. If you want to know I'll tell you if its appropriate :) Just ask! It was a pretty great evening and the sex was pretty good too. Not great, but then again we were both pretty intoxicated and it hindered a few things...but over all much needed. And he kisses well too so that was a plus. We know that's a big dealbreaker for me.

Anyway...Tomorrow begins another work week. Hopefully it'll be relaxing. I don't have much going on other than rehearsal for an upcoming show I'm in. I play a gay chorus dancer with aids...its a comedy. Not that aids is a laughing matter...there are plenty of aids babies in Africa who are suffering...I'm just glad I'm not one of them. Hurray non-life threatening diseases!



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Anonymous said...

Hey man! Congrats on the planning and successful execution of the event....Does Michelle Obama look as much like a black Sigourney Weaver in person as she does on TV....if so i know we are safe against alien attacks...