Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hi my name is Just Jack and I JUST blog...

Ok people its time to recap my weekend. It was pretty fantastic but I'm glad its over and I'm decompressing at home listening to Pandora, which is currently set on my "Rent" radio station. Stop it, I'm gay...I'm totally allowed to jam out to showtunes in the comfort of my own home in just my underwear. Just let it happen, I bet you can't say you're doing anything better. Although there is an ABC Family movie on starring Ashley Slutsdale, Food Netowork Challenge, and Lifetime movie marathon (Currently playing: The Hand the Rocked the Cradle Because My Father was Verbally Abusive Which is Why I Have A Drinking Problem: The Janie Posey Story). Not quite as good as "Mother May I Sleep With Danger" starring Tori Spelling but...I'll pass to blog instead :)

I'm going to pause a moment: Pandora just started playing Sara McLachlan. Um that is not the Von Trap Children singing Do Ray Mi...get the fuck out of my face...skip; BYE! Disney's Aladdin...perfect.

Ok back to my weekend. It started off with a rather interesting time with Miss Procras at a Blogger Happy Hour. Yes, you read correctly. We thought it might be good to get together with fellow bloggers and see what's up in person. The girl who put it together, Lilu, was pretty cool. Loved the bitch's hair, but most of the people there were mad socially awkward. I mean just because you're in to blogging doesn't mean that the world still won't judge the real person you are. Maybe if you spent less time in front of your blog and more time looking in to the mirror, staying out of Kohl's, and socializing more maybe I'll give two shits about your life. Probably not, but come on! All in all it was a lot of fun and the drink specials were great. Its all going back to me focusing on my life and trying new things. I met some interesting people and, yeah, I'd do it again. I mean nothing like knowing you're the most fabulous and attractive people there to make you feel better about having emotional problems :) Oh and, another word of're not in front of a computer...when talking to fellow bloggers its not ok to introduce yourself as your blog name...that should come up in conversation later.

After that Miss Procras and I went to JR's. Then my coworker and his friend showed up and we ended up at Nellie's then dancing at Town. It was a great evening, including running in to Tortilla Strip and J-Crew. Long story short, I had a falling out with Torts and we haven't talked since. However the look on his face was priceless when J Crew gave me a hug and we danced a little. Guess're a bitch and people like me better. Anyway, that's niether here nor there. Can't be bothered with things that are going to waste my time.

Saturday rolls around and I do nothing but enjoy some pool QT time with Straight Lady and Starfish. Then I prepare for hanging out with Rabbi Steve before my other coworkers birthday celebration in Adams Morgan (vom). I won't go in to too much detail because not much transpired that I can comment on or make fun of. Well, other than he finally fixed his sideburns..they're even now. We had a few drinks, met my coworker...who is also Jewish and had a drink with her and her friends. It was a great evening, very relaxed. I did, however, decide that this guy's good for me and I'm scared shitless. But I still have my reservations...DUH! Can't be throwing myself shamelessly at boys like I have in the past. I just know that Rabbi Steve and I are at the same place as far as what we are looking for so we'll just see how it all goes. Until then I'm going to attempt not to over think things, even though we all know that's about as possible as me venturing into the Potomac Mills outlet mall...never. Going. To. Happen!

Anyway, enough about him. The more I talk about things the worse I feel when he decides we shouldn't date anymore and I have to find out via an airplane banner or some tranny shit like that. At this point folks, I'm not suprised by anything! For now I'll be content figuring things out slowly and enjoying my new body hair trimmer I acquired from Target this afternoon. Life changing. That and my Pandora Broadway station ;)



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LiLu said...

Ahahaha I love it! And thanks re: the hair. I just chopped it off last month. You two were definitely my favorites, I'm so pissed I had to leave! We def need to get together again. Without all the awkward. xoxo