Saturday, August 22, 2009

I don't Twitter, Tweet or anything else of the sort...

But I will write a short blog and update you all accordingly...

Not much to report but its been a week since my last post so I feel the need to write something so I don't dry up completely. The last thing I want is for my readers to get bored and venture elsewhere to get there weekly dose of hard truthful advice about your mismatched outfit, bad dating decisions, or just overall advice about your life and what I know you're doing wrong with it!

Anywho...onward to the following:
  1. One week and 3 days of Queerdom isolation. Well, except for Showtunes last Monday but that was already planned prior to the declaration and therefore grandfathered in and doesn't count. I feel as if its going well. Cold turkey is always tough and its actually turning up my libido because I know I've cut myself off...but I'm pushing through!
  2. A good friend of mine is getting married and had the kind decency to invite me to her bachelorette party. One token gay and a group of straight girls. Let's just the night lived up to every expectation of what a night like that could be including a bright pink sash, tiara, and a giant inflatable penis which we affectionately named Pedro. Overall it was a good time...there were some girls that I could have done with out. Their choice of black cocktail attire was atrocious and flip flops are never a suitable "going out" shoe unless your a guy. Most of the girls were adorable and had on heels (good girls)!
  3. I spent all day today doing nothing but sitting around the house and watching movies and playing the piano. My parents moved my sister in to UVA for her freshman year. My mother is a hot wreck...they just got home actually and I already want to club her in the head with my vera wang cologne bottle sitting on the counter and fixing a mixed drink.
  4. That's all, its late and I don't care enough about anything at the moment to write any further.
Peace, Love, and don't bother me :) Happy Saturday!



LiLu said...

"...I already want to club her in the head with my vera wang cologne bottle sitting on the counter and fixing a mixed drink."

SO stealing that. ;-)

Sarah Rock said...

i'm only living at home for another 1.5 weeks so I've been soaking up as much mom time as possible lately and this morning we were watching the today show and guess what one segment was..

getting the trends at discount stores. i thought of you. pleather was featured. you would have thoroughly disapproved.