Sunday, December 20, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is You...So Long as you leave the Ugg Boots at home

So I'm sitting at home contemplating my next movie choice. Its Sunday and its been a wonderful day of laying about and watching movies. I did leave temporarily to go to Target to acquire the latest installment in the Harry Potter series but have remained a hermit ever since.

Snowpocalypse 2k9 took everyone by surprise but I love snow and had a great weekend of Holiday parties and gatherings with good friends.

Since I'll probably be MIA for a while I'd thought I take a moment to write a nice little holiday posting to send us off in to the new year. I'm very much looking forward to Christmas but I know two days in to being home with my parents I'm going to want to strangle my mother and come back to the solace of DC. I'm going to try to remain as sedated as possible by imbibing lots of bourbon and sitting in my room watching ridiculous amounts of tv. This year will be a bit different because my grandparents and aunt and uncle will be joining us. My mother is going to be through the roof with stress because 1. Its company she has to entertain and 2. She works retail at Macy's and will probably be working ALL the time. Being cranky from working long hours and entertaining the inlaws mixed with menopause makes for a Lifetime movie: I Hung Myself at Christmas Because I Couldn't Deal with My Mother: The Ray Bracken story.

In all honestly I hope its not that bad and I enjoy my time there. I will be getting an iPhone for Christmas and will hopefully be preoccupied with playing with that for five days. I'm a little annoyed though because I have a completely and truly gay tradition of getting drunk and watching Beauty and the Beast while my family is at Midnight Mass. If my grandparents don't accompany them then I won't be able to pop in the VHS that truly kicks off my Christmas holiday. I have a back up plan though... my roommate has the DVD version of the movie and, aside from having to trek downstairs every time I need a refill on my cocktail, I should be able to hole myself in my room and enjoy the disney classic that makes my Christmas Eve... well... Christmas Eve! Go ahead and judge but nothing says hello Christmas like inappropriate amounts of bourbon and Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Pots :)

But judge away, lord knows I've judged you enough.

Not sure what the latest trends are in gifting this year. I didn't ask for much. The iPhone, a suit, Grey's Anatomy on DVD, and some cologne. Totes doable! I feel bad that I didn't get anyone anything but money is a bit short at the moment mainly because some fuckface decided to break in to my car. Hello bill for having to replace my passenger side window. Happy Holidays Bitch! Hope you're enjoying my digital camera and passport... oh and all my bills from parking tickets that I haven't paid since February. Does that mean I don't have to pay them? "Sorry Fairfax County... my bills were stolen, can't pay! BYE!"

Still on the hunt for a boyfriend. That's nothing new. I asked for one from Santa last year and got it... but we all know how that tragedy ended. This year I'm going to enjoy my iPhone and the Grinder application and just have as much sex as possible. Kidding! No I'm not... ok yes I am but only because I'll just go out and find someone in person. Makes being a whore more satisfying I think. In any case, I was told I have a big personality to deal with. True, but as my coworker put it "If you don't like it, keep walking!" Boom! And I agree. Oh well no point in thinking about it to death. I have much better things to do with my time... like eat my Ka-Pop popcorn and catch the latest episode of Modern Family!

Happy Trannydays :)

See you in the new year!



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LiLu said...

I realized this weekend (OBVS) that I need snow boots... so this was my totally not-Uggs choice. Thoughts??