Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions and Your Mom

Hi Readers!

Love you! Miss you! I hope you all had a great holiday and a Happy New Year! I'm still alive after surviving five whole days with my mother! I suppose they won't be making my lifetime movie just yet but there will be plenty more opportunities to extricate mediocre plot lines from my life, give it a long title, and star Tori Spelling and Tracy Gold in their comeback television roles!

My New Year's celebrations were pretty great. All you straight bitches out there who paid $100 plus dollars to get in to an open bar somewhere are missing out on the joy of a simple dinner and after party. Nothing screams a good time than a well cooked pork loin and fantastic wine. Moving on to a party thrown by a gay couple who designed the contemporary chic building they live in makes for a great transition into an ultimately amazing evening. Going forward to JR's for midnight toasting with my favorite local gays and ending up drunkenly dancing off some of the inebriation at Cobalt until 3:30 in the morning. Guess how much that shit cost me? $36 dollars including the $10 dollar cover in to Cobalt. So I actually only spent $26 on drinks making that 75% savings compared to a lot of my straight friends. Fuck Sandra Lee and her Money Saving Meals...move over for Just Jack and Money Saving Holiday Party Planning. All told the straights this year epically failed in ringing in the New Year's without being a tranny!

As far as New Year's resolutions go. I have none. I could sit here and say I'll go to the gym more, eat healthier, be less mean but let's be honest, it ain't happening. I will say that, in this new year, I have a couple prospective dates coming up with some attractive older gentleman and I've found my twin gay. We've decided to take on the world one personality and bad outfit at a time like crime fighting supergay socialites! Loves it!

Peace out for now!



Miss Procras. said...

I concur. After paying $116 for approximately 4 drinks I am NEVER, EVER going to a large, "open bar", 2000+ person New Years bash again. The straights really should start looking to the gays for partying wisdom.

Anonymous said...

happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

That's why dudes are awesome...$40 bucks and a sweet night. Though i can say i spent my $100 and got all the monster and red bull i could get out of it.


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Just Jack said...

I'm glad that your $100 was well spent and you are satisfied with your decision. That makes you 1 of 20 people I know who's New Years was in total FAIL.