Thursday, February 25, 2010

Next Topic: No one gives a Sh*t? Stew on that!

Shalom. Good day. Hello. How are you?

So many things to talk about and so much of it off limits to the public eye! I totally contradict myself in saying that because lord knows ya'll bitches know everything else going on in my life. However, the last two months have lent themselves to quite the rollercoaster of crazy, some of which I just don't care to talk about at the moment!

I will say that I have dated one gentleman in the past two months that turned out to be crazy! Ok well maybe not crazy but definitely unique. Profile: 39 years old, in the military, a doctor. Done deal right? All he needed to be was Jewish and I'd be set for life! For. Life. We went on a few dates but he was rather intense about spending the rest of our lives together and I wasn't ready for that kind of committment. Not when I was in financial crises...more on that in a minute. So I called it off....BUT the tranny left me a voicemail message a couple days later asking someone ELSE out on a date! It was a total He's Just Not That Into You moment but, excuse me, but I'm the one Not Into YOU. Analysis: Strange coincidence and a minor error on his part to call Jerry instead or Ray? Or an act of crazy ultimately leading to my death and my life story turned into, yet another glorious Lifetime movie? You decide. Let me know. That is all on that subject!

Next topic: my finances. Due to a little angel called my Tax Return I was able to pay off all the back parking tickets I owe, my HOV violation, and renew my license plates for two years. Trainwreck Travis (me) is on its way to Shiny Time Station! I'm not completely out of the water yet, but I'm a helluva lot closer than I was 3 months ago. Hopefully, now I can fully throw all of my focus on saving money to move in to my very own apartment closer to the city. I concede that its going to be a sardine can BUT it'll all be worth it :) I'm also working a lot part time, which puts a blow on my downtime but I'm focused and moving forward and that's all there is to it!

Next topic: I have a confession. I purchased a wearable item from Target. I knowwwwwww!! It was a belt so don't get crazy. I needed a black belt and I lost mine and it was a last minute decision. I fully intend to drag my shameful ass over to Banana to rectify this heinous crime I've committed against all of my readers and humanity. I am ashamed and should be punished accordingly. Thoughts? I still turn my nose up at Kohl's, Marshalls, and TJ-Craps-a-lot so that hasn't changed!

Next topic: My new iPhone is like crack. I get it now. Fully in the club. Done! The only thing that's worse than having everything at my fingertips on a constant basis is the Sally's Spa Application. (Spanks Miss Procras.) There are no words to what this mind blowing piece of technology does to my free time. It might as well go in the addiction book for the sheer fact that it has similar effects to that of Crank. If you have an iPhone you can download a free trial version. For those that don't have an iPhone; you're a loser.

Final topic: I don't really have a final topic. I've been sleeping well. Drinking less. Working more. And all around a big happy camper. This month is the year anniversary of one of my very best friends in the world passing away so that's not so fun to think about, but I wanted to give her a shout out. I think of you just about everyday kiddo. And when I pass away some day I'd want to go with my favorite heels and hand bag too :) Love you. Miss you.

That's it for today. See you in two months. (Hopefully not though!!)