Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes, that dress does make you look like a Fat Sally Bam-a-Lam

Shalom and a heif readers,

Its been a few weeks since my last post and not much has changed. However! I can now fully release, to the public, that I have been seeing someone AND they have lasted more than 30 days. Yes. Shocking. Crazy! I know! I'm not even really sure where to start because the story is so long and complicated and messy...kind of like the outfit I saw on the train this morning. You get one nice day of weather and all the straight people think its acceptable to bust out jean skirts. #1 Jean skirts aren't flattering on anyone over the waist size of 4 and #2 Slow your roll with the summer gear! Its mid-March and yet plenty of time to introduce your spring and summer wardrobe over the next few weeks without dragging your size 14 ass around in a jean skirt and flip flops. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, so this guy. He doesn't get a name yet. He doesn't even want to be in the blog so I'll stick to the bigger picture here. Jack has broken his 30 day curse. I will not proceed to revisit the history of dating disasters I've experienced over the past year and a half. You can read that for yourself. But, it seems as though things are still continuing to go well. I suppose it helped that we were friends first and my crazy was already out on the table. Front and center. Like a floral arrangement from Tuesday Morning. All in all things are really great. A few other things are also really great...but again sticking with the bigger picture. Pun intended ;)

A few weeks ago the gays and a select few vagines gathered around for Liza Minnelli DVD release party: Liza at the Palace. It was glorious. Nothing says queer like crudite and vodka/gin martinis whilst watching Liza at the Palace on DVD in front a fire. Lesson learned from that evening: Its never a good idea to drink martinis on an empty stomache and its definitely not a good idea to make your own blue cheese stuffed olives and its also not a good idea to go to JRs after. Fail. Epically. For all parties involved.

Other news: not sure I have any. Nothing remotely exciting enough to be made in to a Lifetime movie. I guess no news can be good news which is really boring news for you all. I'd really like to move out of my basement room in Fairfax and get in to the city by May. Cross your fingers. Otherwise I'll be sleeping in my Mazda3. Which is totally fine and comfy I might add. Straight Lady got in to 3.5 million grad school programs...the most important one being Columbia. Not really sure what's going to happen if she moves but I'm not looking that far ahead unless I have to...I might fall apart.

My social calendar is totes full through the end of the month and April is filling up fast. If you want to hang out its probably a good idea to make an appointment now. Seriously. Tomorrow is game night with Miss Procras and friends and then an all male version of Grease presented by the Gay Men's chorus on Saturday...Love it! That is all.