Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some People Call Me Insensitive...

Some people call me insensitive to their feelings. I respond by laughing and telling them to get over it.

Anyway. How have you been? Enjoying the lovely weather we've been having I hope...WITH appropriate clothing choices. Please recall my thoughts on denim attire of the skirt persuasion in my last post! And boys, short shorts only acceptable after Memorial Day and we still got a couple weeks yet. Speaking of which...Memorial Day weekend IS in fact around the corner which means none other than the vacation trip I've been waiting for all year long: a trip to the Outer Banks to my parents' beach house! Nothing like a week at the beach with my best friends and lots of booze, sun, more booze, AND the Jolly Roger. All I'm going to say is that the waiting area has a pirate gift shoppe. Get. Out. Of. My. Face....With Excitement and Joy!!!!

Things are still going well with "The Boy." I haven't come up with a nickname for him yet. Mostly because he doesn't want to be mentioned so I think I'll stick with "The Boy" to keep on the safe, non-offending side of the blogging world. I value my sex life very much ;) Kidding! (No I'm not). We made it official. Woo! Met his mother this past weekend. Woo! My first ever meeting-of-the-family experience. It went well, I think. Went to Central for dinner...delish! I was, of course, right in saying that she was going to be exhausted by the time dinner rolled about from walking everywhere. The Boy felt the need to show her DC all in one day. And he did. All of it. All. Of. It. But she had a good time and we had a nice dinner. Next time she visits though her and I have made plans to drink wine and relax all day on the National Mall...now that's my kind of lady!

In other news. I'm throwing myself off a cliff. Straight Lady has been (grudgingly overjoyed) accepted to Columbia University for pediatric physical therapy masters program. Yay for rehabilitating crack babies and hit and runs in america's loveliest of ghettos! So she will be leaving my sweet mother-loving arms in the middle of summer :( At least she'll be going to make the big bucks and support our child...or Asian baby when she gets through the program. That and buy me nice things in style to which, in my head, I should be accustomed to. In the meantime, I need to find a way to start making more money and that may be calling for more drastic measures. This kid is tired of not being able to take care of himself and live in an appropriate apartment and have a normal life without having to worry about basement bugs unless I choose to do so. This quest stresses me the HELL out.

This post is boring. Lame. Sorry.


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