Friday, June 25, 2010

God Opened the Window so You can Jump Out of It...

Shalom Everyone,

I am now officially counting down the hours until Straight Lady is officially on her way to Lawn Guyland for the next three years. Its funny. She's going for an amazing reason (to get her PhD to help kids that were hit by cars and stuff walk again)...but everyone seems to be more worried about me. Here's how most interactions go:

Straight Lady: I'm moving to NYC to go to Columbia

Co-worker, Friend, Random Ugly Flat Wearing Hoe on the Street: That's AWESOME. (in a whisper) How's JJ?

I mean people that I've never met are asking about my well being. Like I'm going to be some kind of suicide case after she leaves. Well let me set the record straight...You are correct! I will be taking sign-ups for JJ Throws Himself Out the Balcony Window Watch 2k10. I'm fairly certain one of two things are going to happen. 1. I'll lay in bed until my legs atrophy (sp?) OR 2. I'll surround myself with constant attention for the next three years that I won't even know Straight Lady moved. If its the former be sure to stop by and dust me off so I don't become plebian looking and if its the latter be sure and think of ways to keep my mind constantly occupied All The Time! :)

Thank goodness for Starfish to help keep me sane and be my local bestie while Straight Lady learns how to save deaf babies with bad wrists.

The moving man comes tommorrow and by man I mean Straight Lady's mom. What? She's going to help with the heavy lifting. Lord knows I don't do "manual" labor. Ha! Kidding. We're all chipping in to help get them on the road as soon as possible after sharing a love embrace that might shatter the very fabric of space/time.

I miss you already kiddo. Go do great things.


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